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Non aluminum antiperspirant: the natural choice

There are certain times in our lives when we need a little added protection against body odor. Whether we are at the gym or simply involved in an important meeting, there is a good chance that without some form of deodorant, we will sweat and let out a little body odor. This may not be […]

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What do whitening strips reviews tell you?

Who doesn’t want pearly white teeth? We all want it for sure. Yet some of our everyday habits create havoc for the health of our teeth. Caffeine and tobacco are among the major teeth staining agents, along with poor oral health practices. Even if you are taking care of your oral health, regular brushing may […]

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5 Benefits of activated charcoal teeth whitening

What is activated charcoal? The mention and use of activated charcoal is age old. It can easily date back to a couple of centuries ago. There are mention of the usage and benefits of activated charcoal teeth whitening by Egyptian doctors, as well as the Greek physician Hippocrates. They have also shed light on several […]

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