How to find the best snowshoes

Granted, the best moments are the ones made while out and about. To make these moments even the more memorable, you will need the right feet for the right terrain. Well, if you like being outside when it’s all breezy and white, you will have to find the best snowshoes. Here’s your guide to finding the best snowshoes. The best part is you won’t have to break the bank to get them.

The Brand

While shopping for shoes, the brand says a lot about how long the shoes will last. You want to choose a reputable shoe maker, the price being secondary in this case. In my opinion you can never go wrong with Atlas, MSR, Tubbs or Crescent Moon.

The length and weight

You want to choose the right length and weight to find the perfect match for your feet. While shopping for snowshoes, use a guide (most guides are easily available online) as this will go as far as affecting your experience in the snow. It goes without saying you want light snowshoes. I would recommend keeping it under 4lbs, but not more than 6lbs.


If it’s just a casual hike or a trip to the store you don’t have to think much into it. However, if you are mountaineering or backcountry skiing, you will want to dig a little deeper to find the right snowshoes for hardcore exploration in the snow.

Your weight

Yes, you have to consider your weight while shopping for snowshoes. If you are heavy you want snowshoes that are long and have a large surface area so that you don’t sink in too deep. Again, snowshoe manufacturers have a guide depending on your weight, including that of what you will be carrying.


Traction is simply grip. If you are hiking on hilly terrain, you want snow shoes with high traction. However, you can maybe overlook this if you’ll be walking or running on flat ground. However, consider how much grip the snowshoes will give you before buying.

Metal or plastic?

Most snowshoes will either be made of part metal and part plastic, or whole plastic. Aluminum doesn’t come cheap but it’s very functional and more durable than plastic. However they are heavier than plastic. But then again, plastic breaks and can be irritably noisy while navigating crispy snow.

So, which are the best snowshoes out there?

The best snowshoes combine simplicity with functionality. Lightweight snowshoes always take the day, followed closely by design and then pricing. Two brands do this perfectly and as mentioned earlier, you can never go wrong with these either Atlas Montane or Tubbs.

Atlas Montane snowshoes are super comfortable and made of high quality material, but the bindings loosen over time. The spring-loaded suspension works wonders and they are not that expensive online. Tubbs Flex VRT are really simple and comfortable; and very lightweight. Tubbs Flex started off mounting their products on snowboard boots, but slowly gained popularity in the snowshoe market. The teardrop design and cool gripping system make these shoes outstandingly great while outside.

Well, there you have it. Remember, most manufacturers make unisex snowshoes, but of course the color should act as another buying guide. At the end of the day, the best snowshoes are the ones that will take you through the white without breaking a sweat.

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