The move and the wind on the lake

Recently we moved from California to Illinois. It was actually a forced transfer by my company unless I wanted to quit of course. We had lived in California our whole life and we were very uncertain whether we could acclimate to the cold and harsh windy winter of the Chicago area. Strangely enough, the first winter was not nearly as bad as we thought it would be. We were able to meet new friends and they are like having our family around. The reminder that there are good people in the world is always reassuring.

We survived the winter, but that only put a new kinda silly worry into our minds. Where were we going to swim outdoors? Then it dawned on me that we could drive up to Indiana or Michigan to go to the sand dunes that are up there. The first time we went I was thinking that it was going to be kind of a bummer compared to the ocean, but it was actually quite nice except for a couple of things. One was that the water is as cold as an ice cube down the back of your shirt. We were able to stomach it better as it got to be mid summer. Since it is such a big body of water it takes awhile for it to get warmer. Then one of the other issues is that it can be quite windy on the beach.

Luckily, we were able to pick up a high wind beach umbrella off of Amazon. We decided we needed one after our old umbrella launched itself from the sand and hit a poor old man. He wasn’t hurt thankfully and he was very nice about the whole issue. That is another thing to enjoy about the midwest, people are super nice. Not that they aren’t in California, but it was a worry. The high wind beach umbrella has been quite nice because it is somewhat large and it provides lots of shade out of the hot sun. Since we bought it we never had any problems with it.

The high wind beach umbrella stays in place really nicely, which is one less thing to have to worry about. That is more than good it is great! If there is one thing I hate, is conflicts with anyone, but especially strangers. Luckily I have not gotten into it with anyone, but I never want to step on someone else’s toes. There is no place for fighting in this world as we have enough bad things going on in this world. In all this move has actually been a great change of pass for us. We have been able to settle in quite comfortably and can now call it home. It turns out that I can meld into a new area better than I ever thought I could. With that said I am glad I have never been an army brat. I couldn’t imagine moving that often.

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