All you need to know about Northwest Territory tents

Are you planning to buy a tent? This article will inform you what you need to know. Tents are shelters made of fabrics attached to rigid poles or frames for support. Smaller tents are easy to set up, and most of them are free standing. Large tents, on the other hand, need to be supported by guy ropes attached to stakes. Tents have been around for a while. They were first used by nomads as temporary homes. Today they are mostly used for camping and by the military for their field barracks.

If you are looking for camping tents or tents for church gatherings, you should consult various suppliers. They deal in all kinds of tents. Their products range from small tents for individual use to large tents for sheltering thousands, such as church gatherings. Some organizations have specialized in making military grade tents. (Some of them even supply the US Army with tents.)

To get the best Northwest Territory tents, consider the following factors:


The tent should be big enough to sleep in and store your gear. If it’s for sheltering an event, it should have enough room for all occupants to sit comfortably.


It should have sturdy poles and high-quality guy ropes. Heavy duty zippers are great if you want the tent to last long.


The tent should be able to withstand weather elements such as rain and the wind. A tent made of a waterproof fabric is one of the essential factors to consider when camping outdoors.


A tent that is easy to set up is a plus. This feature comes in handy when you want to quickly build some shelter.


Northwest Territory tents should have windows and doors for accessibility and ventilation. They should also have a mesh to protect occupants from bugs at night.

Types of Tents

For your Northwest Territory tents, there are four main types to choose. These are:

  • Pipe Frame-Supported Tents
  • Pole-Supported Tents
  • Clearspan Tent
  • Tensile Tent

Pipe Frame-Supported Tents

These tents have a framework of aluminum or steel pipes to support the fabric. The shape of the structure determines the shape of the tent. The fabric is help by ropes to the framework.

Pole-Supported Tents

These tents feature a set of individuals poles that support the fabric. They determine the shape of the tent. The fabric is secured to the poles at the edges using ropes and kept under tension.

Clearspan Tent

These look similar to the pipe framework but their construction is much stronger. They consist of an assembled framework of box beams.

Tensile Tent

This tent is similar to the pole-supported tent. Its shape, however, is determined by the “tensioning” of the fabric at particular points. Ropes are used to tension the fabric. These tend to be sculpted and curvilinear in shape.

These tents provide an easy to set up a shelter for all outdoor needs. Depending on the size and environment one needs to set them up, their design and quality of the fabric will vary. Some tent fabrics are made of synthetic materials while others are made of cotton.

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