Coleman cook stoves and their unique selling points

No camping expedition is complete without a good stove to use when preparing food or boiling water. And when it comes to looking for a good stove, campers are better off writing down a checklist of things they want to see in their ideal camping stove. But among the many things that must stand out here are fuel economy, power and portability. Anything else doesn’t matter.

Coleman cook stove

Many people agree that a Coleman cook stove will go an extra mile to accommodate a camper’s cooking needs. Coleman is an authority when it comes to camping. They make tents, utensils and stoves, all geared towards camping activities. Therefore, it only makes sense to look at a few selling points that make Coleman a champion in this industry.

Fuel efficiency and ultra-portability

The idea of being able to cook a full meal without consuming too much fuel or feeling like you’re tagging a sack of potatoes on your back can be very appealing.

A Coleman cook stove is designed around these two elements. If you ever owned a stove by this brand, you know what we’re talking about here.

So, how efficient are these stoves?

The center of focus here is the classic Coleman cook stove which has been the standard in camping cooking equipment. However, there’s another type of stove that has caught the attention of campers. This one is called the Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel Compact Liquid Fuel. They say it’s arguably the best because it offers enormous power with good fuel economy.

When running it using one small gas canister, the 6,500 and 7,500 BTU burners will give a maximum of 2 hours of cook time. This makes it the ideal stove to travel with on a short break. And since it works on a small canister to give amazing results, you’ll end up saving on space if you can’t afford to waste any.

Can it be used indoors and outdoors too?

Coleman knows that campers love to experiment cooking indoors and outdoors too. Therefore, most of their stoves are designed to address this concern. Whether you’re cooking inside the tent or out in the open, you will have the stove do its job like it was intended to.

Such stoves are designed with aluminum and steel frames to encase the flame. This feature is very useful for campers who love cooking indoors. It protects the flame from reaching out to plastic items or flammable materials.

The wide base is purposely designed to provide good center of gravity. From the basic principles of physics, we know that the wider the base, the more stable an object will be when standing upright. Of course this will make the stove steady and resistant to falling over.

Also, the stoves are designed with protective flaps on either sides of the burner. Only one opening exists in the front where you can place your cooking pot. This feature too, is designed to encase the flame and protect it from vulnerabilities that come with the wind or rain.

Go ahead and invest in a Coleman cook stove if you would. So far, these stoves have unique selling points and are built with rock-solid materials to last longer. There are both cheaper and costly models out there. So go with your budget.

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