Conair fabric steamer makes clothes care on the go a breeze

There are many ways to care for your clothes while traveling. DIY laundry shortcuts are popular with today’s busy traveler. If you are staying in a five star hotel, you might be able to send out your clothes for laundering; however, often busy travelers don’t have the time or money to hire such services. Hand washing and pressing with a travel iron used to be the way to keep clothes pressed; however, often the low settings and lack of steam made these devices less than functional and not worthwhile to pack. If you do manage to press your clothes in your hotel room, the clothes are still dirty and pressing may just lock in stains and odors. Steam is the obvious solution as it removes stains and odors as well as wrinkles.

A portable fabric steamer not replaces an iron, it can serve as a steam cleaning fabric refresher. Instead of washing, rinsing and hanging your garments in a cramped room, one appliance does it all. Fabric steamers are also great for in home use, and you can cut your dry cleaning bill in half by steaming garments that are not machine washable. Fabric Steamers are also a great way to deep clean your upholstered furniture to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

A popular maker of handheld fabric steamers is Conair, a company that is expert at producing hand held appliances from hair dryers to fabric care products. Conair has been making small electronic appliances since 1959. Conair was founded by Leandrom Rizzuto and his father, who began manufacturing hair curler products in his garage.

The Conair handheld fabric steamer is budget prices at around $35, and is one of Conair’s hottest selling products. Advertised on Walmart website, Conair Fabric Steamer reviews emphasize that using this high powered yet light fabric steamer on upholstery helps reduce allergens. It comes with a soft, removable brush for getting deep into fabric and heats up quickly to do the job fast. Removing stuck on stains is easy with the concentrated steam power of this handy tool. It weighs about as much as a blow dryer and uses dual steam technology to deliver super hot steam to care for fabrics such as delicates and wool, and because the steam is delivered at such high temperatures, it kills mites and bedbugs, which is a concern of any hotel traveler. It gets out wrinkles on the first pass, so you don’t have to go over the garment again and again to smooth out creases. Conair Fabric Steamer Reviews also mention that the device is so powerful, it can take tint off windows, so use with care around painted walls or walls that are papered.

As it heats up quickly and delivers hot steam, it is important to use caution when using this or any other heated appliance. Never use this device in a bathtub or in standing water, and never leave the device plugged in and unattended. Do not use on clothing you are wearing, as steam heat can travel in seconds.

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