Learn how to use garment steamer with these simple steps

Garment steamers are hand-held devices that heat up water until the water becomes steam. This steam, transferred to your wrinkled clothes, relaxes the soft fabric until the cloth is smooth and unwrinkled. You would never have wrinkled clothes in your closet provided you know how to use a garment steamer.

Garment Steamers, although not commonly used, are very useful in removing wrinkles from clothes, especially when you have fragile fabric like silk. Fabric steamers come in three sizes; the floor model meant for the factories, mid-size for tailors and seamstress, and the portable size for domestic use. Steamers save a lot more time than the conventional ironing, and it is easier and more convenient to use. We have listed steps to help you know how to use a garment steamer the right way.


Prepare by filling the Garment steamer’s reservoir with water and wait until the water has become steam. Be careful not to put too much water because it would affect the process of straightening your garment; all that would come out is water instead of steam. After pouring water into the steamer’s tank and waiting for the water to turn to steam, you should check if every part is well connected by pressing the trigger. A measurable amount of steam would come out through the nozzle.

Steaming Your Garment

  • Hang the garment you want to straighten. If it is a shirt, you should button it a little bit so that it is firm on the hanger.
  • Run the steamer over the fabric in an upward fashion.
  • For increased performance, make use of a small pad with a strap so that the steam is evenly distributed throughout the garment. Also, concentrate on the thick part of the cloth as those parts would need more steam.
  • Heavily printed materials and clothes with embroideries should be turned inside out when straightening so that the steam would not destroy the prints or embroidery thread. As a result of their tough fabric, thick garments would have to be steamed repeatedly. It is advisable to steam both the outside and inside of the garment for efficient straightening.
  • Also you should be careful not to allow the water in the steamer dry up as it can damage your device. It would be necessary to check from time to time, in between straightening the water level in the tank.
  • Leave the clothes out for a few minutes before taking them into your closet. This would allow air freshen them up and make them get rid of all that steamy air that easily dampens clothes.

Garment steaming reduces the chances of your clothes getting scorched and it is highly recommendable for fabrics that cannot be ironed. It also helps your clothes to last long as ironing easily fades clothes. Learning how to use a garment steamer would prove efficient to you and your clothes because you do not have to go through back breaking stress to ensure your clothes are straightened and you save a lot of time and energy. Garment steamers can also be used to straighten and freshen other things that are made of fabrics such as; chairs, sofas, carpet or rug, among other things.

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