Making the right choice when it comes to dog collars

Most dog owners will tell you having a pet sometimes feels like a full time job. They are all the small details which if not attended to can cause you headaches. One of the most important tools needed when having a dog collar. This is essential when walking the dog for exercises, reclaiming or returning dogs that have been reported as lost. It also plays a key role in their appearance.

It is crucial for the safety of the dog and sometimes bystanders who may not enjoy being harassed by your furry friend. Therefore it is the responsibility of the owner to come up with a collar that serves the purpose. The question is how he goes around getting the perfect collar. There a few things he might consider when going to make a purchase.

What is the Purpose of the Collar?

First and foremost is what is does he intend to use it for? Dog Collars have many uses and are created with a specific use in mind. So a buyer must be very specific. The most common use of the collar is to help in controlling the pet. The leash helps in ensuring the dog will not stray far away from the owner. It is useful in keeping the dog away from traffic or chasing other pets. Another use is during training exercises, trainers can monitor and direct them to do any number of actions or maneuvers. In case someone wants to feel safe if the animal gets lost then putting the identity information on the collar is a smart move. Anyone who comes across the lost animal will find it easy to trace you.

The Right Size is Important

Size is also another factor to take into consideration. You may have a large dog then go and purchase small collar. The poor animal will end up feeling uncomfortable and even worse getting almost chocked to death. In vice versa the collar may be too large and the dog will give you a slip and disappear one day. There is a simple test you can perform to gauge the situation. When you put on the dog collar insert two fingers between the throat and collar to see if there is room for breathing. Ensure the collar cannot be looped over the ears and head. You will be surprised at how adept the animals are at doing this so you better be sure.

Choose the correct material

The material behind the dog collar is also something not to be taken lightly. It makes little sense to obtain a studded leather collar for a Chihuaha- a house dog. The same goes for getting a nylon one for a Rottweiler or Great Dane. The material you choose can say a lot especially about how sensitive a person is towards the plight of his pet.

There are different types available such as the Standard Collar, Shock Collar or Training collar. Further information can be found in websites or review pages. On a serious note Shock Collars are not the best way to train a dog as they may be a wider problem you have not figured out. With that go select a good collar, one your pooch will enjoy.

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