What do whitening strips reviews tell you?

Who doesn’t want pearly white teeth? We all want it for sure. Yet some of our everyday habits create havoc for the health of our teeth. Caffeine and tobacco are among the major teeth staining agents, along with poor oral health practices. Even if you are taking care of your oral health, regular brushing may sometimes fail to remove those stains and yellowish tint on your teeth. In such cases, you can find an effective rescuer in teeth whitening strips. But before you purchase such strips and start using them, wouldn’t it be better to stop and read some common whitening strips reviews for your own knowledge? After all, knowledge is power. So, here are some major points that you can know from reading whitening strips reviews online:

Common ingredients

Any teeth whitening strip product has three basic ingredients – mild adhesive to keep the products attached to your teeth, main bleaching agent for whitening the teeth and some flavoring agent. Most of the whitening strips reviews will mention adhesive agents like PVP or PEG-8 or both. While many strips have hydrogen peroxide, some others have sodium hydroxide as the main bleaching agent. Sodium saccharin is generally used as a non-caloric, sweetening agent to give these trips a nice flavor.

Ease of use

One thing that is found common in almost all whitening strips reviews is that the easy-to-use property of these strips. Designed specifically for home use, the strips use adhesives to stick to your teeth but are very gentle due to the use of non-harmful substances. Their very thin layer makes them convenient to be placed on your teeth without causing any discomfort. Most of these strips are flexible too so that they can cap the upper and lower row of your teeth properly to give you the best results. As the whitening strips reviews from both users and professional reviewers tell you, all you need to do after buying the product is to peel the protective sheet of these strips and then apply them on your teeth. Once this is done, you have to leave them for approximately 30 minutes in use.

How it helps

Using teeth whitening strips is undoubtedly a cost-effective option than going to a dentist and shelling out a hefty sum. Yet, this isn’t the main factor to consider. The key point of contention is that these strips work, as is told by multiple whitening strips reviews out there on various product reviews sites. While the actual time to show noticeable results may vary a bit from product to product, which can be anywhere from roughly three weeks to three months, they can help you for sure to flaunt that dazzling smile with your pearly whites on full display.

Side effects from the product

If you thought that whitening strips reviews are all about painting a rosy picture, think again for they tell you about some side effects too. After using the strips, you may experience slight redness of the gum or a bit of sensitivity. However, these discomforts or symptoms don’t last for long and usually go away after 2-3 applications. Another side effect noticed by some users is tiny white spots on the tooth enamel as a result of the bleaching property present in the strips. However, this also goes away after a few days of the initial usage.

Overall, whitening strips reviews advocate the use of this safe and handy teeth whitening product for removing all those stains and spots on your teeth, thus empowering you to step out in style, flashing your pearly whites with confidence.

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