How can the best whitening strips for stained teeth help?

Do you feel shy to smile in public due to discoloration of teeth? Are the spots and stains on your teeth causing a lot of embarrassment? If yes, one of the simplest solutions would be to use the best whitening strips for stained teeth, which could offer immediate effect when you wish to go out for a party and flash your pearly whites. How effective these tooth whitening strips are, depend on factors like the contents in the strip; how often they have to be used, etc. Read on to understand how these strips can help your teeth and how they work.

How do teeth whitening strips work?

Best whitening strips for stained teeth are often sold over the counter and are simple to use at the comfort of your home. The strips have bleach or peroxide in them. This bleaching agent bleaches the yellow color from your teeth – something similar to the bleach that works for clothes. Most of the strips are made of polyethylene and appear as thin plastic strips, elastic in nature, on which the peroxide coating is found.

When you stick the strips to your teeth and leave it for a while, the peroxide does its work by getting in contact with the enamel. The peroxide slowly removes the stains on the teeth and brings back its natural white color.

Follow the Instructions

The best way to use and make the most of any product you buy is to just follow the instructions as is mentioned on the outer package. It’s no different with the best whitening strips for stained teeth that are always accompanied by clear instructions on how to use them, what to do and what not to do. If you do not use these strips as instructed or use them only once in the wrong way and yet expect ready results, they may not help.

Do Whitening Strips really help?

Various studies on the best whitening strips for stained teeth reveal that many have enjoyed the positive effects of white teeth that they have got with the use of these strips. However, any whitening product can only bring back the original color of your teeth by removing the stains and deposits on your teeth and bleaching the same, thereby bringing back its original color. So, if the original color of your teeth wasn’t that white, you may not be happy with the end results.

In case you have teeth discoloration for a prolonged period and the cause is due to some health ailments, your dental specialist would be able to help you with other suggestions and variations in medications or suggesting the best teeth whitening methods.

Wearing it for longer might help

Few manufacturers suggest you to wear the strips for a minimum of two hours and some even suggest overnight use of the whitening strips for the best results. However, if you experience teeth sensitivity due to prolonged application of the strips, you must stop using them, as it indicates gum weakness. Some might require you to use them more frequently rather than for prolonged period. Despite the quality and usage instructions of the strips, go by your personal experience of whether you have sensitivity or irritation and continue using the strips accordingly.

Taking professional advice for choosing the best whitening strips for stained teeth would bring you the desired results and let you flash that bright smile.

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