3 features of Nautica beach umbrella

Are you planning a family vacation to a seaside sometime soon? Or do you prefer to spend some fun time with your best buddies by the poolside of an exotic resort? No matter what you are planning to enjoy during the upcoming festive season, you must not forget to take care of your health. While lazing around by the poolside or on some of the beautiful and vast beaches of the world, you need to protect your skin and body from the scorching heat of the sun. Although you can apply sunblocks, sun creams or lotions with high SPF to block the harmful UV rays of the sun and wear sunglasses that help protect you from the glare, you need to think of a wide coverage. This is where a Nautica beach umbrella can come to your rescue.

If you are planning to invest in a Nautica beach umbrella, make sure you have clear knowledge about the must-have features of these types of umbrellas. After all, knowing the essential features of a beach umbrella would help you choose the right piece.

Here are three features of a Nautica beach umbrella that you should definitely look for:

1. Complete sun protection

A Nautica beach umbrella should be designed in a way so that it offers complete protection from the harmful UV rays of sun. It should have a silver undercoating that offers extra protection. It should also come with UPF 50+ which ensures your skin and hair remains completely protected.

2. Easy installation and transportability

One of the must-have qualities of a beach umbrella is that it should be easy to carry around and install. This is important as most of the time, you have to install these umbrellas on your own at the beach. Your chosen umbrella should also come with a built-in power twist base. In order to set these umbrellas up at the beach, all you need to do is insert rods into the base and twist it into the ground. This helps you set up these with the least possible effort. Moreover, these umbrellas should also come with a shoulder strap carrying case so that you can easily carry them to the beach. So, while searching for a Nautica beach umbrella, use this checklist to see how many of these features your chosen product has.

3. Built of good quality material

While buying a beach umbrella, you should check whether it is made of a good quality material or not and it’s no different for Nautica beach umbrella. If the rod is made of high quality structure steel that’s resistant to rust, you can easily take it to places without worrying about varying weather conditions. It should also have a vented cover so that it offers wide coverage. The vented cover also helps keep the umbrella grounded. Moreover, you should check if the umbrella has a two way tilt base. A steel pole that can be tilted in both the directions can be utilized, based on your requirements.

These are the three must-have features of a beach umbrella that you should look for in your Nautica beach umbrella. These products are available both in single colors as well as rainbow colors, and you can choose one from these based on what suits your style, preference, requirements and budget the best.

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